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Business Marketing/ Mentorship Class

This is a one on one (or group) training session that is designed to help you with marketing strategies and tactics that are specific to your needs. If you are struggling with getting your business numbers off the ground and consistent marketing then this course is for you. This session will be a virtual zoom session. CLICK LINK FOR BOOKING.

Dermaplane Certification Class

Dermaplaning training generally consists of two parts: the first is an educational course that teaches about dermaplaning; the second is a practical course for hands-on experience in how to provide dermaplaning treatment. The educational course will focus on explaining how dermaplaning exfoliation works, the best methods on how to treat each area of the face, and the relevant demonstration for both left-handed and right-handed aestheticians.

The practical course will focus on classroom experience, where you will be able to put your education knowledge to the test. The hands-on portion of your certification will usually involve giving a dermaplaning facial to several volunteers, either your classmates or clients who volunteer to participate in the class. You will also receive your own dermaplaning facial so you can understand how this treatment will feel for the client. CLICK LINK FOR BOOKING.

Microneedling Certification Class

This class is a one-day course designed to introduce you to the skin rejuvenating technique of Microneedling Mastery. You will learn how to reduce scarring and improved clients’ skin texture, firmness and pigmentation.
The program includes hands-on training from experts, an in-depth manual, certification, and continued mentorship and support even after you have completed the courses. CLICK LINK FOR BOOKING

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