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Natasha L. Robey, LE


Natasha Robey, LE is the Founder and CEO of Yebor Luxe Beauty. Being a graduate of Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, she received certifications in LED Light Therapy, Reflexology, Spa Therapies, Microdermabrasion, Micro-current, and Dermaplanning. Natasha has always studied, pursued, and dedicated herself to the exquisiteness that illuminates the foundation of the beauty industry. 


While the science and cognition concerning skincare is the nucleus of her passion, she also incorporates waxing services, and received “The Ultimate Waxing Warrior” award from Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. 


The incentive behind Yebor Luxe Beauty is to bring clarity in the midst of perplexity, where men and women may be struggling with their skincare. Natasha sympathizes with her clients , because she, too, has struggled with the anatomy of her skin, and choosing products that are best suited for her eccentric skin type. Natasha considers herself an ally within the African American community, and beyond, because history has proven, that there aren’t many channels put in place to assist people with their skin type, as it relates to the Fitzpatrick scale. 


Natasha spent many years, weaving through the woes of finding a healthy skincare regime that worked for her. While battling acne, Natasha remembers how disoriented she felt, asking people for advice, and even proceeded to use Google, as a last resort, but still walked away with no answers. 


Natasha believes that you can not help someone gain victory over a battle, if you, yourself, have not fought the same fight...and won! No matter how big, no matter how small, with patience, and the entrusting of the process, Natasha will help her clients get the job done! 


Moving forward, Natasha will continue to educate herself in all things aesthetics, and plans for continued growth and success, within the foundation of her business, one satisfied client at a time. 

Ch'Bree Robinson, LE

IMG_0535 2.HEIC
Hello everyone, my name is Ch’Bree Robinson. I am a graduate of Atlanta School of Aesthetics, licensed by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. I am certified in spa therapies, reflexology, Microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, microcurrent, dermaplaning, individual lash application, and teeth whitening. My esthetics career began with an interest in individual lash application, but I also had a personal battle with a skin condition that cause me to explore the esthetics world a bit further. My goal as a recent graduate at the Premier Eye Spa is to take this experience and grow! Taking the time to make sure the clients always feel comfortable and relaxed and leaves feeling more confident and beautiful is also my goal. My skills and attention to detail shines through with every treatment that I perform. I look forward to seeing everyone of you and being a part of your skincare/eye care journey.

Charnita McIntosh,M.A, B.S


Charnita McIntosh a Delaware native is a double graduate from Shorter University with a Bachelor: Business Administration and a Master of Arts degree. During her professional timeline she has acquired many new skills through experiences in retail, Fire, and education. 

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